Custom Wrap Conversions Slots.

How we allocate Custom slots.

We have tried many different approaches to allocating slots over the years and currently we offer up slots through a random draw system as follows: 

A week or so before our slots are to be allocated we post a notice of the time and date that we will start taking names via email.  This notice is shared here on the Ocah blog and in our Facebook Page here.

To be in with a chance of getting a Custom slot we will ask that you email on a dates specified. Full details will be given in advance of the slots being made available so look out for updates on the ocah Blog and on the Ocah Facebook Page.  

When the draw closes we will allocate a number to each person that has entered the draw and using RANDOM ORG. we will allocate the given number of slots that we have available.  Those people that have be successful in securing a custom slot will be notified by email.


For those that have not had a Custom Slot with Ocah before here is a run down on how it all works.  :

The Custom slots will be allocated as detailed as above. 

We will send an email to confirm that you have been sucessful in securing a slot.  We will then ask that you pay a £20 non-refundable deposit to confirm that you want to go ahead with your custom order. 

Once you paid your deposit we will send you a live link to our online order form for your completion.  We are always happy to answer any questions that you may have before you complete your order form. As we work directly from your order form when sewing your carrier it is important that you include ALL information that we need to know to make your carrier. It is important to us that we have make your carrier exactly as you want it to be and so we are always happy to work through any questions or ideas that you may have.  

You do not need to have a wrap available to send to us for your conversion before entering thr draw.  We can order a wide variety of wraps on your behalf if these are instock with our suppliers.  If you are sending your own wrap for sewing we will provide the details of where to send your wrap. 

Once we have recevied confirmation that your order details are correct we will send you a Paypal Invoice for the full cost of your carrier.  We do not start work on carriers that have not been paid for. 

We do not allow people to transfer a Custom slot allocated to them to another person.  If we find that someone has secured a slot and then given it to someone else we will cancel the slot and the deposit paid will not be refunded.


 From June 1st  2013 Our Prices for Custom orders are as follows:  


Padded Waist Conversion (with Wrap Straps)                               £87

Clipee Conversion (with Wrap Straps)                                            £104

Ring Waist Conversion (with Wrap Straps)                                     £104

Ocah Full Buckle                                                                                 £154

Reverse Half Buckle  (buckle shoulder straps & tie waist              £115

Podegi (with Wrap Straps)                                                                 £79



Customise your order with any of the following :                                


Duo Straps                                                                                        £28

Harmony Straps                                                                                £28

Mei Tai style padded Straps                                                           £28

Adjustable Sleephood                                                                     £18

Leg Padding                                                                                     £12

Arm out padding                                                                              £18

Matching chest strap                                                                       £15

Additional layer of wrap fabric (to be supplied by customer)       £5

Additional layer of wrap fabric (to be supplied by Ocah)             £12         

Pixie Hood                                                                                        £28     

Sweatshirt hood                                                                               £28

Novelty shape Tostitching (eg. Heart shape)                                £14

Extra topstitching                                                                              £12

SSC waist                                                                                         £18

Continuous Webbing free waist                                                      £18

Matching Keyring                                                                              £8


* Embroidery and Appliques are available  subject to approval and are individually priced from £8-£40            

P&P within the UK £5.00

Shipping to the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand,  £18.00.

Shipping to All other Countries Postage is charged at the actual cost for your country. 

N.B: All wrap scraps are returned with completed carriers.  

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