Additional Design Features Available

If you want to personalise your carrier or create the ultimate in comfort for you and your little one, then look no further.

Here at Ocah we are dedicated to making you your dream conversion. Choose from the following additions to create your ideal carrier, or discuss your specific needs with us and we will try to accomodate your wishes.

Duo Straps ™:

The fabulous and Ocah exclusive Duo straps ™.   Designed  to provide supreme comfort and versatility, Duo Straps ™  really do  offer the wearer the best of both worlds and have become our most popular addition to custom orders in 2009 and 2010.   With this design feature the shoulder straps are folded to a width of approximately 10cm and are padded at the top of the strap for a length of 45cm they then flare out to the full wrap strap width so you can spread out under your little one's bottom (often referred to by our lovely Babywearing friends as "Butt lift " !)  The straps therefore offer Padded Mei tai style straps with the accompanying comfort and support of the wrap strap. Additional Cost £15.40


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Harmony Straps:

These straps are appear the same as Wrap style straps but they have a discreet peice of  padding which measures 42cm long x 8cm wide neatly sewn down the centre of the strap on the reverse.  And so if you like how the Wrap Straps work but need a little extra cushiness on your shoulder then these are the ones for you. Additional cost £15.40

harmony straps


harmony straps 2


paris harmony straps




Padded Shoulder Straps:

Can't get to grips with wrap straps? Padded straps may just be the answer for you. Working in the same way as MT straps, the padded shoulder straps are folded to approx. 4"  width and padded lightly. These shoulder straps offer optimum levels of comfort for you and are incredibly easy to use - you just tie off as your would any standard Mei Tai.  Additonal Cost £11




Adjustable Hood Sleep Hood:

 When we were asked to think of a way to stop a particular little one's head from 'lolling' about in a sleephood,we played around with several variations and developed another Ocah exclusive, the easy to use,  adjustable  sleep Hood. The hood has draw ties along either side of the hood and wooden toggles to keep the hood in its adjusted shape,  giving a shaped and more secure fit for your little one.  Additional Cost £8.80


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Leg Padding / Arms out Padding

For the ultimate in comfort for your little one how about a little extra padding. The leg padding is a small area of padding either side of the bottom of the carrier where your little one's legs would naturally sit, and just ensures the ultmiate in comfort. The Arms out padding ™ can be useful for those youngsters who like to have their arms out of the carrier when being worn .  Additional Cost Leg padding £6.60, Arms Out Padding ™ £8.80




Extra Top Stitching

We can add extra rows of top stitcihng to the waist strap(s) on your carrier to make it more sturdy.  We use layers of cotton batting for the padding in all of our straps  which is nice and soft but it has the added benefit of sitting nice and flat when being worn and doesnt squish down like light weight softer padding.  We add to rows of stopstitcihng to the padded area of our waist strap which makes them nice and firm, but if you prefer your waist straps to be even more sturdy, well then we can just keep on going with the top stictching adding extra rows on the padded area which makes it very very sturdy but still nice and soft.  Additional Cost £5.50.



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