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You mention that Ocah carriers are made using a traditional 2 layer design.  What does this mean ?

We have always made our Wrap conversion using the traditional 2 layer method and so our carriers are Genuine Wrap conversions as opposed to being Mei Tai style carriers that are made from a combination of Wrap fabric and other materials.

We spent a lot of time developing our Orginal Designs using the 2 layer method in order to ensure that our carriers remained supportive and sturdy whilst benefiting from the qualities of the Woven wrap fabric.  There are many Mei Tai makers that make really wonderful carriers using Wrap fabric with an additional (or several additional ) layers of an altenative fabric in the middle of the carrier but we feel that  where extra layers of fabric are added to the inside of the carrier the wrappyness of the fabric used is lost.  Much of the success of Ocah is down to the popularity of our Orginal 2 layer wrap conversion designs and with over 400 Wrap conversions made using this method we are confident that we have our Designs just right.


Which types of Wraps are Suitable for Converted into an Ocah Carrier ?

We can only convert the Woven style of Wrap.  Gauze wraps and stretchy wraps are not suitable for converting into Wrap Conversions.  Some wraps that are of a very thin weave may not be suitable for converting, if you have any doubts please contact us.


What Size wrap will I need for a Ocah wrap Conversion ?

As a approx guide:

5+ metres for Padded waist Conversion

5+ metres for a Hybrid Conversion, + approx 1m of fabric for the additional decorative panel on the front

4.6 metres for a Standard Waist Conversion

2.4 metres for a Ocah Full buckle (OFB) Carrier

4.2 metres for a Podaegi

2 metres for a Ring Sling

Can you make my carrier in a bigger size  ?

I am always happy to accomodates custom request for a smaller or larger sized Ocah carrier than the Standard size given for  example I can change the length or width of the body of the carrier, lengthen or shorten the shoulder straps and the waist straps BUTI WILL NOT MAKE CHANGES THAT MAY COMPROMISE THE SAFETY OF THE CARRIER IN ANYWAY.


Why are Ocah carriers so expensive ?

Ocah carriers are made using a woven wrap, these can cost from £48 to £100+ depending on which make and style of wrap the customer choses to have made into their Ocah carrier.  Our Conversions cost start at just £35.40 and so if you purchase a wrap for £48.00 the total cost of your carrier would be £83.40 which we believe is good value for money for a custom made carrier. 


You offer lots of "extra features" on your carriers, is it essential that I add these to my Custom order ?

In simple tems no it isnt essential at all. Wrap fabric is by its nature very soft and sturdy and our carriers are designed to utilise these special qualities and so even our basic designs provide a wonderfulyl wrappy carrier that offers maximum comfort.  The extra features that we offer all came about as a result from request from customers for variations to be made on their own Ocah custom carrier, these design feautres then became popular with our customers and remain so today, but we have recently seen a resurgence of the Ocah carriers that are made with no additional extras which has been really great to see because these really are comfortable carriers that offer really great value for money and we love them !


Will a 2 layer Wrap conversion be sturdy enough for my toddler ?

Yes .  Our carriers are constructed in such a way that they are sturdy enough to provide excellent support your toddler when being carried.


Do you ship to Countires outside of the UK ?

Yes we do.  We have made carriers for Babywearers all over the world !







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