Standard Wrap Conversion

Standard conversion.  If you have your own wrap these can cost as little as £87.  

This Ocah conversion is designed with two seperate waist straps and with wrap style shoulder straps. You can of course add any of our additional features such as Duo straps, Padded Mei Tai Straps, Adjustable Sleep hood, Pixie Style hood, or Sweatshirt hood.  We can also add appliqué or Embroidery of your own design.

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Standard Conversion Design details:

The Body ofthis carrier measures approximately 17.5" (44cm) wide and approximately 20" (51cm) long.  The length and width of the body of the carrier can be customised to your own requirements.  The body of the carrier can be rolled up to shorten it for smaller babies or for toddlers that like to be carrier with their arms out.

The Integral sleep hood measures approx 10" (25cm) long by 10" (25cm) wide.  The sleep hood is used to support the head of a sleeping baby and has straps attached which fasten on to the shoulder strap of the carrier.  The straps on the sleep hood are sewn long enough that they can be reached easily from behind you when you are wearing your little one on your back. The sleep hood can be tucked inside the body of the carrier when it is not being used.

The shoulder straps are 5" (13cm) wide where they join the body of the carrier with a box pleat, and measure approximately 13" (33cm) wide at their fullest.  The


shoulder straps are approximately 78" (2m) long and they have a tapered end.

The waist straps are approximately 5" (13cm) wide and each one is 30" (76cm) long  Both waist straps are lightly padded for approximately 5" (13cm) where they exit the body of the carrier.

A generous seam allowance is included with all weight bearing seams reinforced to ensure strength and durability.Guttermann thread is used throughout.

A Wrap of 4.6 Metres is required for this carrier.


standard action 1  action 2 standard  6a00e5549756c08833010537010c75970b-640wiJo baby wearing standard

lorna standard  lorna blue standard

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