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  1. Kerry made me my first ever custom mei tai and I absolutely love it. For the minute I got my slot both Clare and Kerry did everything they could to help me create my perfect carrier. I opted for a hybrid wrap conversion and had picked my fabric before me wrap. With their expertise I was able to design a carrier that fitted me and my son perfectly. When I have the money I would love to have another one made.

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  2. Words cannot describe how much I love my new Ocah! It's so incredibly snuggly while still supportive and easy to put on! The best of all worlds! The applique is amazing as is the clipee waist. Thank you Kerry and Claire!

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  3. I have just got my custom made Ocah and it is perfect - the attention to detail is amazing, it feels so luxurious to wear and is so comfy. We went for a 3 hour walk with my 8 month old and i barely felt his weight. Just brought another wrap to be ocah-ed as soon as i get another slot. I am EC-ing my little one and i find these carriers perfect for the frequent in and out involved, and i love the fact that he can't flip backwards as he always does in a wrap. Kerry and Claire are so lovely to work with - a truely enjoyable experience, thanks x

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  4. I adore my Rainbow Butterflies Ocah. I tried a few at sling meets and fell in love but never thought I'd babywear enough to need one! Fast forward a few months and a lot of slinging later and I was lucky enough to get a slot.
    Both Claire and Kerry are fab to deal with and make sure you get just what you want.
    The most comfortable of all my slings and will be a legacy sling for my girls when they need it. Xx

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  5. Kerry makes the most amazing carriers, they are incredibly comfortable and come complete with sleepy dust! My beautiful Willow Ocah will be with us forever, it is stunning, beautifully made and so very special to us.

    Kerry and Claire are wonderful to work with, and incredibly patient, happy to answer all the questions and queries I had, and I had a few! Thank you. x

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  6. Kerry has made me a Clipee and a Mei Tai so far. Both have been impecably made with ALOT of care taken. As I recall it took a very long while to match the pattern in the hood to the body of my Queen of Hearts Tula! I am about to have Kerry sew me a ringsling. I don't think anyone would be able to convince me to buy a different brand of carrier that wasn't a wrap! Good luck with the new workshop Kerry and keep up the good work! xxx

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  7. Very happy to have worked with Claire and Kerry. I love my carrier and am looking forward to using it for a very long time.

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  8. When you own an Ocah you start designing in your mind the next one :). Kerry makes perfect and unique custom made conversions that will be exactly what you have been always looking for and could not find.
    Ocahs are supportive,soft and as close to a supercuddle as you can get. Always comfortable and so worth waiting for.
    Thank you Kerry & Claire

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  9. I love my Ocah carrier! it is without a doubt the best carrier i have and is super comfy for both me and bubs! Kerry and Claire where so helpful and made my carrier just perfect! i have been recommending them to all my friends and will definitely try to have another made (although much simpler this time! lol) and would love to get them made as a gift to new mum friends! x

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